form+works is pleased to offer a wide-range of services specially tailored to your project’s individual needs. We work on projects of all sizes and scopes, from new construction to urban infill. We also offer a long history of expertise on existing and historic buildings.

Whether you know the architectural service you want or whether you seek our help in determining your project needs, form+works is here to help! Our goal is to offer scalable services that work for you. Possible services include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectural Design/Construction Services – from feasibility through construction administration, we help with all levels of design and construction services.
  • Historic Structure Assessment (HSA) / Historic Structures Report (HSR)
  • Field Measurement and Base Drawing Production – we can prepare basic or detailed drawings of your existing building for real estate purposes or so you can start evaluating the possibilities.
  • Historic Research – we can help you learn more about the history of your building and its surrounding community.
  • Grant Writing Services / Assistance – we can provide assistance ranging from a second set of eyes reviewing your grant application to full grant-writing services.
  • Window and/or Material Evaluation – is there a specific part or elements of your building that concerns you? Many people find deteriorated windows, brick or stone daunting, but often they look worse than they are and many can be repaired. form+works can help evaluate the condition and assist you with determination of next steps.
  • Service Determination – if you aren’t sure what your specific project needs are, we can help you determine what would best suit you and your project. We also pride ourselves in having a large network of practitioners and industry experts, so we would be happy to connect you with others if form+works doesn’t offer what you need. Let us connect you!

Would you like us to contact you about your project? If so, please fill out this short form and tell us more about you (be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the form and hit submit, leaving portions blank is okay):