Form Works Expands to Leadville

We know it has been ages since we posted, but we’ve just been going with the flow, as everyone weathers these interesting times. We are still here and preserving historic buildings left and right. Here are a few from Spring/Summer 2020 to whet your appetite as you read through this update.  We do keep our Instagram updated with our projects, so if you have not started following us, please do!

With the pandemic, work has changed for everyone. We have been fortunate to adapt to working-from-home fairly seamlessly. For those of you following along on our business journey, we started Form Works at Jessica’s kitchen table and bounced around to libraries and coffee shops in between working from our homes. So, the transition for us was a return to our start-up days. Regardless, big shout out to our amazing husbands and kids for being extremely supportive and resilient.

As we’ve seen with other friends and businesses, this has been a great time of reflection. With our successful transition to 100% working from home, we’ve spent our spare time discussing our future goals and dreams. From inception, Form Works has had a long-term plan for a mountain office. When we started discussing this goal, it was more of a 5-10 years down the road thought. However, with recent events and our ability to maintain service to Denver and the Front Range from our homes, we started taking a closer look.

When a small office space freed up along Leadville’s historic Harrison Avenue, all the stars began to align. While we are sad to leave our first office in the historic Edward W. Wynkoop Building, we are excited to join the tenants and Owners caring for our “new” building. We are looking forward to expanding our ability to better serve our mountain clients.

A little about the new digs: the historic Fearnley Block/Iron Building was built in 1893. It was completed right as the nationwide silver crash was occurring. It is thought the name “Iron Building” was given because the discovery of iron ore in the region was a saving grace for Leadville’s economy. This tidbit is all that we know right now, but with a voracious appetite for building histories, we will most certainly be starting our research and see what else we can find out.

We will not be fully settled into the new space until the end of September, but please note our address change:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 476, Eastlake, Colorado 80614

New Office Address: 516 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, Colorado 80461

We are looking forward to the day we can have visitors in our new space. In the meantime – we hope everyone is doing well. We are sending out virtual hugs and best wishes.

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